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Les contraires s'attirent (Koki/Shige)

So, since I study English I thought and I think that using every single means possible to improve my level is a good idea. Therefore, translation work ! XD A friend of mine agreed to let me translate some of her fanfictions so I tell you right now NOTHING IS MINE in this story. I just did the translation from French into English.

If you want to read her fanfictions in French, she's a member of fanfiction.net and her name there is Tari Eledwhen : https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1391418/Tari-Eledwhen

Opposites attract *translation of the title*

Since the day before, where he had seen him rehearsing, Koki decided he couldn't wait any longer. Hesitating like a child wasn't like him, neither being nervous. Well, not a lot. That why, since he's gotten up, he had only one thing in mind : to confess him his feelings. Actually, „waking“ was exaggerated since he hadn't slept last night, thinking over a plan, for dropping it immediately and imagining another one. He was therefore pretty tired and, undoubtlessly, looked gruesome. One look in the miror of the bathroom confirmed it. Never mind, he'd have to accept him with such a face. Or not actually. Once he'd have told him what he had to tell him, the rest'll be up to him.

One look at his watch. He shouldn't dawdle if he wanted to have the time to accomplish what he wanted to before the beginning of the rehearsal, because if he were just a few minutes late, Kame'd kill him and he didn't want to. Kame in bad mood, it was Hell.

Grabbing his jacket and his car keys, the rapper of KAT-TUN left his apartment and was on his way to the building of the Jimusho. Once he was there, he crossed the hall, determined, and headed towards the floor where Arashi, News and KAT-TUN had their own rooms. The wake song of music could be heard in each of these rooms, but the rapper didn't pay attention to the one of his band, neither to the ones of their sempais, he dashed straight to the one of News, where he entered without knocking before. His plan, in fact, was that he hadn't actually one. He was just going to do it in the Tanaka way : spontaneously.

The sudden entrance of the KAT-TUN made jump his colleagues gathered around Yamapi and all of them turned their head toward him.

- Tanaka ? What are you doing here ? Koyama, the most curious and talkative, questioned immediately.

- It's not like you to enter like that. Is there a problem ? Massu also questionned.

But, instead of answering, their co-worker strode through tbe room and rushed on Shige, who gazed at him with amazed eyes at each step. Once he was in front of him, Koki quickly bent and pressed their lips together.

The move stunned the whole band, who stayed still, dumbfounded, while the concerned was litteraly unmoving, unable to move or to react in any way.

- Heu... Tanaka ? What are you playing at ? Pi ended up asking, the first one to get a grip.

But, once again, the rapper decided not to answer. It's not that he didn't care about his friends, but he was afraid not to be bold enough anymore to act if he answered. Grabbing the hand of a still reactionless Shige, he led him outside of the room, till a hallway. Once there, he pushed him against a wall and placed his hands on both sides of his body.

- T... Tanaka, what the hell is going on ? He asked him with a little voice, his attached to the face of his « mugger ». Are you crazy ?

- No, I'm perfectly fine. I thought my move would be meaningful enough.

The silence answered him, then the sound of a slap. The younger one had just slapped the older. Thanks to his stillness, because of the surprise, Shige ran away to go back to his friends, leaving the KAT-TUN alone in the corridor.

Thick. Koki felt completly thick, alone in the corridor, palms still on the wall where he held barely a few seconds ago the person he liked. Why, why THE HELL had he done that ? He knew it, though, that Shigeaki was discreet and reserved and so, that it wouldn't make him happy. He should have been less straight. How was he supposed to make it up now ?

- Baka... he whispered to himself.

- So, Tanaka really lost his marbles ? Massu asked at the minute where his friend re-appeared in the room. Why did he kiss you ?

- How could I know... said the questioned, still shook due to what just happened, before rushing to his favorite corner and diving into his book.

The strange reaction of their friend surprised the other members, who were moving closer and closer to him, eyes stuck on him. Progressively, until Tegoshi's face was a little on his book, with Massu's just above, Koyama's still above, Yamapi's still above and Ryo's just beside. In the Indian totem way.

- What ? The man ended up asking, uneasy, glancing at them.

- You seem strangely upset, for someone who doesn't know what's going on with Tanaka, Koya noticed.

- And it's fishy, Yuya added.

- Very fishy, Massu added.

- But no... what are you thinking about this time, bakas... the poor persecuted protestes weakly.

- Oh oh... lack of reaction, nearly any protest, no justifications... It feels a lot like an inner upheaval, this, Doctor Koyama diagnosed seriously.

- Shiggy-chaaaaan ? You didn't tell us everythiiiiiiiiing ? Massu said with a big smile.

- And what if you let me revise peacefully, won't you ? Kato tried, who began to feel really embarrassed.

- Kyaaaaa ! He's all red ! Tesshi let out with a cute smile.

- Is it possible that, you'd feel something for Koki ? Yamapi ended up asking in a too serious way to be honnest.

- But... but no ! Not at all !

If only they could stop harassing him, he'd be able to make things clear in his head. How was he supposed to know, whether he had feelings for him ? He didn't let him time to think over the idea. How could have he guessed that the KAT-TUN... It was really ridiculous. They were opposite in everything. Koki was as spontaneous and exuberant, that himself was discreet and calm. Moreover he had clearly tend to do stupid things, whereas himself did some when he had to. Anyway..

- Nothing in common and everything opposes us. It wouldn't ever work, he whispered to himself in a way to continue his inner reflections.

Except he had forgotten the extreme closeness of his friends, who, therefore, had heard him very well.

The five heads of News totem looked at each other, seeming to discuss silently before splitting up. And, on a common agreement, Ryo took the left arm of his friend while Yamashita did the same thing with the right one, letting him no choice but to get up. His book, whose he had read not a single line, fell on the floor without anybody care about it and the two older boys headed to the door, followed by the other members.

- Hey ! What the fuck are you doing ? Where are you leadi... he exclaimed before noticing where they were heading... and freaking out. No ! Let me go !

- Oh no, Massu laughed. And we would miss that for nothing in the world.

- I thought you were my friends !

- It's because we are, that we do that, baka, Koya retorted whilst giving him a little slap on the head.

- If you were so upset, that's because of the fact he kissed you didn't let him emotionless, Yamapi added.

- And you confirmed it yourself when you whispered that everything opposed you and so, that nothing was possible, Ryo said. That's foolish. Nobody ever said to you that opposites attract ?

- Still... no, I'm begging you guys !

- Too laaaaaate, Massu said who was still laughing.

He opened the door of KAT-TUN, then Ryo et Pi pushed roughly the poor Shige inside, making him stumble.

Stuck between the surprise of KAT-TUN and the firm will of his NEWS friends stayed in front of the open door, Kato was really lost and throw a desperate look to his friend Koyama, searching for help. Unfortunately, he did nothing except to make him sign to go ahead.

At this moment, Shige'd give anything to disappear underground or, rather, to be able to escape, but since the only way out was well-guarded... When he left his friends from the eyes, he saw Tanaka heading toward him and Kato, the heart throbbing like crazy, didn't know what to do.

- Sorry for earlier, Koki ended up saying. It was stupid, I should have told you before.

- I... it's... alright, Shige managed to stutter not daring look at him.

- Really ? You don't resent me ?

A negative nod answered him and the rapper smiled.

- So I'm glad. I'd feel bad if the person I like resent me.

The sudden declaration made the younger boy breathless, who, although he had understood with the kiss, didn't expect him to say it so frankly... which stunned the other members of KAT-TUN, who, apparently, hadn't any idea of this, since all of them let out a loud « EHHHHHHHHH ? » simultaneously.

However, neither Koki or Shige paid attention to them. Moved by the shyness of the younger boy, Koki raised nicely his head he had kept lowed, then sealed once again their lips together, without Shige tried anything to push him back. Against all odds, he even dared to embrace him and answered shyly to the kiss.

- I think I have my answer, the rapper said smiling.

Favourite spot

I like the idea of doing separate OS which follows each other in a way. ^^

*previous part* :[Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru]https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9688827/1/Kitto-shiawase-ga-kimi-wo-matteru

The monster realm, huh ? The right place for us, that's for sure. We never could have imagined that such a world existed. It was far beyond our expectations, if we could have some since we had nearly nothing before. And now, we have all what we had always been dreaming of : a true life.

Being acknowledged in this world was simply to be acknowledged by the King. And it hadn't been so difficult although Kaibutsu-kun seems to be quite a... peculiar child.

Bero and Bera lives in the king's castle. At first they hesitated but he really insisted that they live there. He saw something in Bera he liked a lot and was sure she could be a great help to educate his son. Moreover, it was better to kill two birds with one stone. With Bero living here too, he could be educated with the prince. The idea interested her and at the end, she accepted.

The king didn't say anything about me. He probably knew beforehand where I was going to live and mainly with who. It's strange though, I got the feeling that this King knows always what happens in his kingdom.

Both of us, me and Ju, we're living in a tower. Not any kind of tower, a clock tower. I though it was quite unusual at first but Ju just likes high places. I don't mind, it couldn't be worst that what we had before. Monsters don't get old, so to have a clock tower didn't make any sense for me at first. Ju gave me a clear explanation. In fact, even though monsters live eternally, time has its importance. It's necessary to know how it's flowing. That's why that tower was built. Besides, I guess I've finished by taking a shine on that place. We have a really wonderful view of the kingdom from the top of the tower. That roof with the form of a pyramid, apparently. And the feeling of the wind blowing up there is nice. It's very pleasant.



My pretty monster likes staying on the roof of our tower. It's his favourite spot, so, so, so so so... time for a surprise attack ! I'm a cat monster, that's why my ears are so long. I have a perfect balance with my body and I'm somehow a genuine spider. I'm able to move on every surface and to climb it as easily as if I was walking on it with my feet. I just have to use my paws. I have to make them grown sometimes. Even though I fell, since I'm a monster, I wouldn't die anyway. But it would hurt pretty bad. Fortunately, I'm a cat so I always fall on my feet. Bem was impressed the first time he saw me doing this on our tower.

At any case, am I going to success in...

« Found you.

- Woaahh, shit... »

Apparently not. I barely dodged his stick he threw on me.

« You should stop doing that. You'll end up hurt one day. Especially if you fall from here.

- It's not that dangerous for me. I'm used to doing that. »

I swing a little with one arm and I jump to land right beside my lover. He hasn't moved an inch or been startled. He had got back easily his stick and was looking at me.

« I'm sure you are. But I don't like the idea of you getting hurt. That's all. »

I stroke his hair with my fingertips.

« I like when you're worried about me.

- Mmm...

- What's wrong sweetheart ? »

He's draydreaming now. I see it at his eyes. I move a hand in front of his face but he doesn't seem to notice it. I click my fingers and this time, he comes back on earth, if you could say so.

« So sweetheart, I ask you again, what's wrong ?

- I beg your pardon ? You... what...

- What are you doing here ? I thought we were going to continue visiting the realm together. It's been a few weeks since you've moved here. You haven't seen everything yet. »

He suddenly realized what he had forgotten. So he seemed pretty embarrassed.

« Oh, true. I'm... I'm really sorry. I was going to meet you and...

- You felt melancholic, did you ? »

He looked at me with a very stunned gaze.

« Was it so obvious ?

- Well, let's say I thought it was going to happen one day or another. I can understand why, don't worry. Just... talk to me about it, ok ? Anytime, please. »

I approach my face to his lips and I kiss him. I'm not rough, I'm not trying to push him around. I just want to be nice, to calm him. I want him to feel safe, here, with me. Then I tilt my body in the back to lay my head on his legs.

« Does it bother you ?

- Not a bit. »

He loves the way we are. It's a little childish to be like this. Both of us don't mind. Actually, it's even more than that, we don't give a shit. He smiles and the shine in his eyes is priceless for me.

« Your clothes are nice. The yellow strings just beside the buttons of your deep black jacket... the t-shirt with the V collar below and the collar around your neck. It's a good set.

- If I wear so often a cloak, it's in order not to upstage the prince. I have a very good fashion sense, well, at any case, according to the people of the kingdom.

- They're right, they're definitely right. »

He talked about something else to feel more at ease in his mind.

« Could you take off your hat ?

- Sure. »

He puts his clothes on whenever he goes oustide, his jacket, his hat... even on the roof of our tower. He isn't so prude though. He's just very ordinary on that point. He doesn't like going outside without wearing them. He wants to be fully dressed during these moments. Inside the tower, he got used to acting a little more relaxed with the clothes. It's our house after all, we do what we want inside. We sleep bare-chested or after a shower we don't put a shirt on our torso. It's not necessary, it's more manly that way. We distinguish our live from others and it becomes unique. It's our life. Somehow, it's what I think it is.

« Why do you always put your hat even when you go there ? It's a shame you hide this beautiful hair.

- I don't know, just a custom, I guess. Is it a problem ?

- Oh no, no no. I'm not asking you not do it anymore, just here, on the roof. You know how much I love your long hair. Or otherwise, you don't have to knot them anymore.

- I didn't think about it. You're right, I don't have to do it anymor... to hide... »

I notice a little sadness on his face. Thus, I caress his cheeks while whispering gentle words.

« By the way, what were you going to say just now ? »

He plays with my hair on a whim. In my opinion, it's to summon up his courage.

« You told me we were going to see the market. And before I notice it, I had a flash. I used to eat edible plants or... things similar. I don't remember exactly. Or else, of course, the dishes we had at Natsume-san... »

I understand that the issue at stake lies here.

« Do you miss them ?

- Yes, it's, it's...

- Do you regret leaving the human world for here ?

- N-No ! What nonsense are you...

- Woah ! »

He stood up so brusquely that I almost fell from the roof.

« Oh god ! Ju, I'm so sorry.

- I'm okay, I'm okay, everything's fine. »

On our knees, I take him in my arms to cuddle him. These humans are important for him. I knew it. I remember the stories he told me about them. They were the first to accept them, though it had been difficult at the beginning. They promised to protect them. You can't leave that behind so easily.

« Yes, I miss them. I wonder sometimes how they're doing. However, for the life of me, Ju, I don't regret coming here. »

I peck on his lips, very glad.

« We're a couple. You don't have to keep everything for yourself anymore. I'm here. I'll listen to you, whatever it is. I'll try to help you. And I hope the other way around too."

I chew on my lips. I have to talk about it. I can't avoid it.

"You've changed since you came here. In a good way of course. You've become more open. Now, as I said, it's my turn."

I take a deep breath before continuing to talk.

« I look like peaceful in appearance but in my mind, it's not the same. I'm worried about you. Always. Can't help. I'm so happy you're here with me. I'm afraid of having been too forceful on you about your decision. Sometimes, I think so. »

He puts his hand on my lips to prevent me from talking more.

« Don't say anything more, please. Nothing of that is true, I swear.

- Now I know it babe. Everything's alright. You just have to talk to me whenever you feel bad, ok ? And I'll do the same. »

We're both sat on the roof. So I turn his body to have it against my chest and I cradle him.

« You're so nice with me. I'm not sure to give you as much as you give me.

- The way you're looking at me is worth a 1000 words. »

We don't speak for a while after that. We just stay here, like this, looking at the scenery in front us. Funny thing though, I'm the cat but I could almost think he's purring in my arms.

« Bem, if you want, I got an idea.

- Yes ?

- We could arrange something with the King. He can see what happens in the other worlds. I'm sure he won't mind to grant your wish. However, it won't be possible everyday... once a week I'd say...

- Wh-WHAT ?! »

He turns back so suddenly that he falls on me. And so, I find myself staring at my beautiful monster straddling me.

« Really, is it... yes, it is possible... you say... »

I brush his hair with my fingers and smile at him.

« Yes, it is.

- Thank you. »

Then he hugs me happily like a kid who has been offered the best gift of the earth. I'm sure he can feel my hard-on due to our closeness. My husky breath on his face too. He raises his head and look at my face. I see him blush, lighly, very lightly, but he's really blushing. I move a hand to bend his head against me in order to whisper him something.

« I want to fuck you, babe. »

My words make him shiver with pleasure. I feel his arms tense on my body and he lets me please him. He lets himself melt in my fondles.

After all, here is our favourite spot, and not only for the view.


It's like a fancy

Me again with a Junda ! And after I claim it isn't one of my favourire pairing... It's Green-san fault ! And KAT-TUN too. lol They were pretty much free with their nakedness in the recent shows so it's normal to have this sort of thoughts, right ? And with that, I added in my mind some stuffs you can read on kissmegreen's LJ. Stuff about Uepi of course. Two of tem in fact. I think you'll "find" them pretty easily.

So, this time, this PWP is for Tatsuya Bocchan because I'm a baka boy who takes anything as a challenge... Yes, Bocchan, you remember when you talked about Uepi as seme ? Well... I've tried !

« It's... hot.

- Well, it's what you can expect from a onsen, Taguchi. It's hot for sure. »

And it could become hotter than it is already. Yeah, definitely. Being in the water of such a place with my sweetie, his head against my shoulder, the steam around us triggered out of the hotness, and one of my arms on his neck while I brush his shoulder with my fingers.

« You know, Uepi... that's not what I meant.

- In that case, what did you mean ? »

He fondles my torso with his fingers. « Before, with your previous haircut, you were my princess. Often mistaken for a woman, with makeup and even sometimes a little too much, but under your clothes, was hidden the real man, my man. A sexy princess, actually. And you have grown wilder and wilder with the years, more especially with your new haircut. » He looks at them deeply. « Black hair, to become a genuine gorgeous prince. It makes your manliness even bigger. You're the man among men. My beloved... magnificent prince. » He sighs desperatly on my wet skin. « Dear, you look so hot. Every time I see your bone muscles, I want to lick them around, to go all over them with my lips. Damn, it's provocation to show them so often on the TV. They must like the prettiness of your body in that show. I'm on the verge of going crazy to see what's mine shown so often to the others... you can't imagine how much it's a pain in the ass.

- My princess... »

I stroke his cheek and tilt my head to steal his lips. I thank him with a kiss, a broad grin on my face. I can hear his moans while our lips are together. And me, I brush his hair, enjoying their sweetness under my fingers. As dark as mine after all, it's better that way. He tickles my chest with his fingers and I can't help to laugh a little before kissing him deeper. When we break the kiss, his fingers are on my necklace, playing with the chain.

« Your little silver necklace on your neck, it's damn sexy. It's beautiful on your naked body. »

I continue to stroke his head as if that was a cat and not Junno I had against me. I could almost hear him purring happily. « I was the princess and you the prince, later, it's become the other way around. »

« And as your princess, I must take care of all your needs. » He grabs my cock under my towel. « All of them, right ? » I wheeze on his face. « How do you intend to do that ? »

« For starters, I could take care of Uepi junior. »

That's what he says, a brazen smile on his lips. He really wants to play the mischievous child with me and I love that side of him. « Indeed, my sword needs to be sharpened. » He sticks his face in front of mine and strengthens his pressure on my length. It's already really good. He isn't going too fast though.« Sweetie... please... sweetie... » I have to murmur what I desire. He kisses me and goes down.

« Baby Uepi junior'll have to wait. I want to indulge myself with a moment with your perfect body of god. Your torso carved in rock... it's marvelous... right ? » He leaves my dick to fondle my chest with his big hands. Then, he takes water to spread it on my body, very carefully, a bit everywhere. His smile doesn't leave his face all along. I watch him, wordless, and caress him sometimes. I also lick my lips perversely as long as he doesn't satisfy me enough. I can hear his grunts of pleasure but he still keeps up with the same pace.

« You're beautiful, you can't imagine to what extent. » He kisses my skin, the upper side, and the lower side, every corner. « I love you, dear. »

I grasp his hair to crash his lips against mine. The move makes him groan in pain but as soon as our mouths are together, I feel the desire inside his body flowing through mine. He takes my cheeks between his two hands to enjoy it a whole lot more. My hand wanders on his back. Both moaning, I slide my tongue in his mouth when he opens it. My sweetie interlaces them together and we deepen the kiss. I take hold of his shaft and he takes hold of mine. We both rub the dick of the other one while our lips are connected. So eager, already so big and with what we're doing, you can hear the noise of the water. We whisper hoarsely the name of each other when we're able to during the kiss. I play with his balls and I can hear his voice going higher when my hand touches them. I do it again and he growls happily before attacking my neck with his teeth. His hand still on my dick, he strokes it faster and faster. I leave his cock to embrace him firmly against my chest and he sucks my neck. I can't help to utter some familiarities for his biggest pleasure. He loves when I speak roughly during sex. I find the contact of his wet skin on mine very enjoyable. With his teeth, he plays a little with the chain of my necklace by pulling on it. I kiss his forehead to make him stop. I take his hand on my shaft and intertwine it with mine.

I can't wait any longer so I press his head on my body so that he understands the message. « Mmmmm... » A purr of pleasure comes out of my mouth when I feel his tongue on my chest. It travels the upper side, it's damn enjoyable. He circles them alternately, several times, with a lot of care. He even uses his teeth to bite them. I wail higher in his ears. I feel his breath on my bare-chested. His hands are everywhere and anywhere on my body.

« Uepi junior seems very happy of my actions. »

« Yeah... therefore, I have to return the favor now for Junno junior. » Each time I say that, I feel like it sounds like a pun. The kind of pun he could say in fact and it makes him happy. Me too. I mix my tongue with his before sticking our mouths together a while. Once my tongue is out his mouth, I go down with it. I lick his wet body a long time. He is pretty much built like a brick shithouse too. He can't be ashamed of his body. At any case, I could stare him endlessly. I take quickly his towel away to have a free access and I open my mouth to take his member fully inside under the water. With my mouth on his shaft, his breath is hoarsely. He says my name in a fucking sexy voice. I'm underwater, sucking him. It's difficult to keep on to engulf the whole thing. I have to put my head outside water more than once. When I peek at him while deepthroathing him, I can see him licking his lips exactly as I did a while ago. I gulp down only the head of his dick again and again. His hands find my hair where they push my head forward. He wants me to suck him harder, so I do it. His length in my mouth, it's amazing, so amazing. He presses on my head and brushes my head nicely sometimes with his fingers.

I put my head outside water to kiss his nose and to peck his lips. We're both smiling, our arms on each other's waist. My sweetie is blushing. « You're pretty. » I can't help to say it, it's the truth after all. I come slowly next to his ear in order to murmur a message with a sensual voice. « By the way, do you remember the stuff I was doing on solo my part in Never x over ? » I feel his body tense with the sound of my voice. He turns his face to dive his eyes into mine. « During our concert Chain ? Hell yeah, how could I have forgotten about that ? What a shame it wasn't on the DVD even though in that way, I can keep that in my mind forever and not to have to share it with the whole world. »

I nibble his ear a few times, making him whine. « And guess what ? I had someone on my mind all along while doing that.
- Oh, really ? Who... mmm... who could it be ?
- Well, do you wanna me to show you ? »

I make him move on the side until his back touches on the edge. I pass my fingers on his hole. « Damn it, whatever, the water will be enough. » I can hear him laugh and he kisses my cheek. « I'm craving for you to do the same thing again... for real this time. » He turns around, allowing me to have a perfect view of his back, then he crouches and bend his body ahead. It's in order to do our favorite position. The doggy style, holy shit, there's nothing better than that. His ass in the air in front of me, only waiting for me to shag him. I shake my length on his butt. He likes that a lot when I hit him with it. I rub it against his entrance, teasing him. I make him purr of happiness. I stroke a little his cock and I tilt my body on his. Only the upper part of our body is outside water. My stomach on his back, my dick on the verge of penetrating him, it's damn perfect.

He yells when I'm inside of him. I hadn't lube so he'll have to bear it with water. I plough him, my hands on his shoulders. His whimpers are so close to my ears and mine too I guess. He has his hands on the edge of the bathtub to maintain his balance. Me too so that I can screw him harshly, just like the last time. I can hear him shout. « Oh yeah, fuck, just like that. » He wanted me to show it how it was at full speed. He has what he wished for. A naughty smile comes on my lips and I whisper in his ear. « I love you... I love you so much... my dear sweetie. » I lift his body in order to have it against my chest. We're both sat and I continue to fuck him, letting my hands travel his body. He turns his face to show me his breathtaking expression for which I could die for. And him can see me panting, his name on my lips that I whimper slowly because of the wave of pleasure going through my body. He joins his lips with mine for a deep and wet kiss and groans my name in a voice so wonderful. I feel him close to come so I stroke his shaft to help him.

« Ahh... ahhh... Uepi... ahh... » I decrease my moves a little to caress his hair with my hand while the other is still stroking his length. « Don't hold back. » I only murmur that and after a few strokes, I feel his cum on my hand. I lick it and crash our mouths together in order for him to enjoy a little of his own taste. I go back to my previous pace, harder and rough and the moan I can hear tells me I'm doing great. It's so good to fuck him roughly, we should do it more often. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. « Oh fuck... I'm close too. » He takes hold of my hands and kiss them both before looking at me with his eyes filled with desire.

« Come for me, my prince. »

« My dear... ahmmm... sweetie... » I spread my cum inside of him in a long growl and I let my body fall on his back, wheezing as much as him. The wetness of our sex session is mixed with the one of the water. He turns around and this time, it's me who're resting on his chest, beaming, just like him.

Yeah, fuck yeah, fuck... the reality is so freaking better than the dream alone. That plot is perfect, so fucking perfect. I would bang him my brains out in that place. I'm horny just by thinking about it. I hope it isn't too noticeable, otherwise, it would be awkward. A noise in my hand makes me go back to reality.

Uepi, is there a problem ?

Mmm... oh it's true, I was on the phone with Taguchi.

Oh no, no, nothing at all, I was just wondering...

Yeah, what is it about ? Maybe I can help.

I can't help a creepy and saucy grin to appear on my lips, and he becomes bigger when I write my answer.

Taguchi, would you mind to come with me to an onsen that week-end ?


Harmony of December

I've used four sentences of Harmony of December by Kinki kids. ^^

On a bench, I'm enjoying the snow falling everywhere. I'm well dressed so that I don't freeze to death. I like snow. Watching the numerous flakes around me is one of the things I like the most during winter. Some people are just walking without really paying attention to them. I don't care of them. I'm in my own little world.

Snow and snow, still snow, it's falling endlessly. We're in a good winter. It doesn't arrive often, we're lucky. I'm sure I look like a child watching something wonderful for the first time. It's true though. It's a truly beautiful landscape I could watch for hours.

I don't want my muscles to get sore later, so I get up from my special seat. I don't plan to do anything except walking. Sometimes it's good to do that kind of thing. Walking aimlessly in order to free his mind of everything while thinking about everything and anything. I'm smiling at this thought. I enjoy snow in my own way and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's just... it's just I would like him to...

« Shige !

- Ouahhhhhhhhh ! »

I jump. Who is it ? I nearly had a heart attack ! I turn to look at the person which called me. Noticing who it is... I can say that being surprised is an euphemism.

« K.. Keii-chan ? What are you doing here ? Furthermore, I was just thinking about you ! »

My words surprise him and he looks at me kindly.

« I'm glad to be in your thoughts Shige-chan. However, don't you think it's sad to walk alone in the street by such a pretty weather ?

- Mmm... maybe you're right. »

For one second, I had forgotten my question. I shake my head and asks him once again.

« Anyway, what are you doing here ? No, in fact, how did you know where to find me ? »

The look in his eyes becomes puzzled. I don't understand why. My question is simple and clear though.

« Shige, it's not funny, you know. It's you who called me about a hour ago. Well, you didn't tell for what reason... You just wanted to hang out a little with me. I didn't care so I came and here I am !

- … Shoot... »

I think a while in order to remember... shit, he's right.

« Sorry, I had forgotten. I guess I was too focused on something else. »

He shrugs with a broad smile, buying my lie.

« It can arrive to everybody, anyway, what do you wanna do ?

- Would you mind only walking with me while chatting ? I don't need anything else.

- Alright, alright, it's fine with me. »

And so, we're on our way discussing about what crosses our minds. I'm very glad that Keii-chan is here with me. It's my best friend after all and it's mainly News' mother. We wouldn't have been able to cope alone without his motherly presence. I know News is still News now. However, we have been so close to lose everything, I'm afraid just thinking about it. I feel suddenly a hand hitting me nicely in the back.

« Come on buddy, you can talk to me, you know that.

- Yeah, yeah of course... no, it's... not easy.

- Are you sure ? Even me, I'm able to guess what's getting under your skin. »

I don't know if he's acting serious or not so I look at him with bewildered eyes. He takes my face between his hands and dives his stare into mine.

« Me too, I still think sometimes about what we had to live, to overcome, what we could have lost and so many other things but that, you already know. After all, I talked about these things with you the most. Even though these events are more and more behind us as long as the time is progressing, it still remains a part of our history. We can't get rid of that fact. »

Kawaita kitakaze ga hyururi ochiba wo atsumeteru.

The dry north wind blows on the dying leaves.

How this guy is able to understand me so well ? I won't ever get it. I'm on the verge of crying because of his magnificent words. The cold around us prevents me to do so. Moreover, my awkwardness is certainly very noticeable. It's embarrassing, thus, I try to hide my face. It doesn't seem to please my friend but he doesn't make a move to show it. In fact, he only sticks my head against his chest. I can't see him, but I know he's still looking at me with his deep and concerned gaze.

« It's because we're NEWS, we're a family. As a member of this family, I always know what the others thinks, what gets under their skin and so on... »

Itsumo no kouen ni kyou wa shizuka na yoru ga kuru.

A quiet night is falling again on the park.

Despite of my current poor state, I grin. Apparently, our motherly member is always here to help or to comfort his children. I push him kindly, feeling better and look up at the sky. The darkness of the night mixing with snow. Christmas is closer and closer. I'm looking forward to that feast. It would be fun to make a drive around the city to see the Christmas lights, children playing with the snow and people going and leaving shops in order to buy Christmas presents. A sudden cold feeling on my neck stops me into my thoughts.

« Ah, I wanted to do this so badly ! I'm glad my surprise attack was a success !

- You're such a child Koyama !

- Everybody is and still remains a child no matter what their age is. It's not bad to chill out sometimes by doing something childhish even though we're adults. It's what I... »

It's my turn to stop him into his thoughts, or rather in his lecture by throwing a snowball in his face.

« Ehhh ! I was trying to be serious !

- Just like me, and you saw what I looked like a few minutes ago.

- Tss... »

He points me out with his finger.

« It's you the lad Shige ! »

I stick out my tongue to show him I don't care what he says. And so, during the new couple of minutes, we're in a snowball fight. The winner is the one who hits the most the other one. It's supposed to be the rule. Actually, we quickly forget it and it remains nothing else than a cheerful moment between me and my best friend, full of smiles, laughs, bad jokes, curses... in one word : brightness.

We're sitting on snow next to a tree, a bit exhausted. I stretch my sore arms in the air to regain some energy. Then, I let my body fall on the snow, Keii-chan does the same. We're now looking at the night sky.

« It's starry. »

I laugh without thinking.

« It wasn't a pun.

- Yeah yeah, I know. It was funny though. And it's true, the sky is full of stars.

- Therefore, I guess tomorrow will be a sunny day.

- Sure, even though it's still winter. We're far away from being in a summer time. »

This time, it's his turn to laugh. Nonetheless, afterwards, we don't say anything, losing our gaze in the deepness of the sky. And strangely, I feel a hand intertwining with mine.

Tsunai da yubi ga totemo yasashii futari kiri no ondo.

Our interlaced fingers give off a sweat warm belonging only to us.

« What the... people could see us, you know ?

- I don't give a damn, Koya-paana's hands are cold, he needs Shige's to warm them.

- You should have take gloves.

- Why ? Are Shige's hands not the best gloves in the world to warm Koyama's hands ? »

Well... actually, I don't mind but there's no way that these words are gonna slip out from my mouth. We stay here together for a while, a long while. Our hands still linked together. I didn't pay attention at the time flowing.

Soba ni oide kimi ga iru nara tada sore dake de...

Stay by my sides, your presence is enough for my happiness...

Steps coming closer to us make me raise my head... hey ?!

« Hey guys, what are you doing here ? »

Koyama answers right away.

« It's me, I called Tego-chan and Massu over to join us here ! It's better to enjoy the snow with the four of us, right ? It's the best !

- You seem so lovey-dovey ! Don't you think so Massu ? »

He answers him with a snowball.

« Hey ! It was mean Massu !

- You asked for it.

- I didn't.

- You did.

- I'm sure I didn't !

- I'm sure you did ! »

Tegoshi pouts but not too long. I can't help to crack up awkwardly to such a warm, and gentle atmosphere... Actually, I want to cry of joy but I am not able to with the coldness, or at least, I could use it as an excuse. I would rather laugh instead. I take a snowball and throw it to the closest person, Koyama. I hear him grumbling, in a good way of course. Our two friends quickly join us into our little childish game. I agree, there isn't better way of enjoying winter than to spend it with his dear and lovely friends.

*Yes, as long as you're here, I fear nothing.*


Trick or treat ?

Why these names ? It's just I didn't want to use their real names since I didn't have to. In my opinion, it was better to create some names because I was using Monster night's universe. So, Uepi = Wolfya (Wolf + Tatsuya) and Junno = Ranjun (Ranmaru *his character in legal high* + Junno).

I hope your little Junda's heart will like that OS, Green-san. ^^

Here, the girl has returned into her world. Too bad, she was pretty cute. It would have been good to have a child in the castle but I guess it's impossible for humans to live into this world.

« Well well well, you seem to be quite absent-minded.
- Shut up ! I'm not in the mood.
- Is that so ? In my opinion, you're very often « not in the mood », no more today than another day.
- Shut your fucking mouth Ranju !
- The nasty king is back apparently. »

« Bugger off !!! I'm frazzled because of the party. » I strech my arms showing at the same time my tiredness. I try to say it nicely. « Please, leave me alone. »

My cook all in white dressed comes closer to me. « No way in hell ! » This is what he whispered in my ear. Then, I feel out of the blue a shiver coming through my whole body. « Ahh, right here, again. » I purr, I can't help to react in that way when he sucks my ears. The worst is that I don't mind. He always did as he wished with me and... I never dare to stop him since he's so skilled. « Ah... » I can't hold back a whimper when he bites them harshly. « Fuck... why... why are you so good at this ? »

I can hear him laughing then he takes my face in his hands. He looks at me straight in the face. « You're so tense, and I know my words wouldn't be enough to help you to chill out. And so, I have to use other means... other means whom I'm sure about their effect on you and where I'm good at, your majesty. »

« Well... it's working. I'm not fussing over that little girl anymore. » He looks at me, genuinely astounded. « My bad, I was afraid that my special chicken from the party was the cause of your annoyance. » It's my turn to laugh this time. « What are you saying ? You're the best cook I have ever had for centuries. I never had to complain about your food. »

« Thanks, it makes me happy to hear that. » He suddenly tickles me in order to show his present cheerfulness. « Ahahahahha... nooo... ahahahah... stop that... you know I'm ticklish. Ranju... please, stop that... » He doesn't stop though, too happy to see me enjoying myself I guess.

« By the way, trick or treat... Wolfya ? » He whispers me these words in my ear after stopping his moves. A surprised look came on my face. « We're not in the human world, you know that, right ? »

« As you can see, in our world, it's kinda Halloween everyday.
- And ? What are you aiming for ?
- Oh, come on, honey... don't give me that shit...
- So lovey-dovey and slutty at the same time.
- It's the way you like me, isn't it ? And... your answer ? »

I take his chin in my fingers, then let them down along his neck, scratching it slightly. At any moment he shows a sign of discomfort.

« It doesn't hurt ?
- Never... when it's you Wolfya, it never hurts. »

« Is that so ? » I bend my head to lick his injuries. He moans feeling that heat on his neck. « Wolfya... Wolfya... » He strokes my ears and I purr like a happy cat. « For your question, try to convince me... » I bite him and and he lets ou a long whimper. Delighted, I suck the mark I left. « I don't know which one would be the better choice after all. »

I grab him by the collar and slide my tongue into his mouth in order to kiss him roughly. I don't intend to go easy on him since he doesn't too. I feel our breaths mixing together while kissing. Our tongues does the same thing. I eat his gorgeous mouth because it's so fucking perfect. I keep our lips together as long as I can. The hell, I need him now, that's for sure. I can't stay into that state otherwirse I will gone crazy. When I have to push away for air, my eyes turn red and I groan in frustration.

« Since you can't give me a proper answer, my lord, I've no choice then. I'll help you to choose. »

I get up from de my chair, sitting on the table. I'm still in the red mood as I like to call that state. And during that period, the beast inside of me is awoken. Such a needy bastard actually. Over the past centuries, nobody has been ever able to handle him except Ranju. I lick my lips in anticipation of what's coming next.

« On your knees, you jerk. »

He bows respectfully. « As you wish. » And he does as I said, looking at the bulge in my pants. « You're already so hard, my king. Is it the fact of just seeing me ? Or my fondlings on your body were so good ? » He moves his hand on my crotch while speaking, teasing me, provoking me... and just that, it's so fucking good. With one move of the hand, I get rid of the stuff on the table annoying me. In that way, I can lay my body on it without any problem. I can't wait to see my cock into his mouth. I can't wait to fuck his mouth until he's panting, begging me to let him breathe. I invite him to straddle me with a move of the finger. He's already ravishing me with his gaze stuck in mine. His lustful expression on his face. I'm sure he's imagining me, naked, riding his dick. I put my hand on his cheek, and he adds his own one on it.

« You should take off your necklace... the rest... later. »

« Oh... that's right. After all, it's you who offered me it on my first day here. It would be bad if it was ruined by a too rough sex. » He puts it on a chair and then slides his hand in my pants.

« Your shaft is calling for my mouth, right ?
- In that case, why not allow them to meet each other again ? »

POV Ranju

My lord is so sexy when he's greedy of sex. His sharp tongue would make me want to screw him on the first stuff nearby until he's crying for mercy. I wouldn't ever had granted it anyway. I love to feel his body tense on my chest when I pound his ass over and over. The needy bastard inside of him is so fuckable to my eyes. A bitch so attractive, there're not two into the world. And this one is mine, at nobody else than me.

My king grazes my face with his fingers, leaving some shallow scars. « Don't forget me... badass... otherwise you might regret it. » I take his hand and strokes my cheek with it. A little blood from my face covers his hand. I look deeply at it, lick it until his hand is perfectly clean and kiss all of his fingers. Each injury of my lord on my body is a treasure, I cherish them as much as him. I finally move my hand on his length. Always teasing him, I just pay attention to his bollocks, liking to death hearing his grunts because I don't give him what he truly desires. I fondle them as carefully as I can, pressing them in my hands sometimes. Wolfya reacts to that by reacting as if he was a very naughty dog. His moans has become more similar to loud barks but from his mouth, both are delightful to my ears.

« Ouhhhhh... ouhhh... fuck, are you gonna suck me off or I'll rip your head off right away !!! »

He sticks my head to his crotch again. « Or maybe you want me to strip for you. » I lick his member still in the garment.

« I wouldn't mind to such a show. » At last, I free him from the lower part of his clothes and I can witness of how much he's craving for me. All desire of teasing is temporary gone from my body. I open my mouth and engulf my master's dick for his biggest pleasure.

POV Wolfya

« Shit... holy shit... I wanted that so badly sweetie. You made me wait. »

I feel my shaft disappearing into the heat of his mouth. And heat goes through my body. I push his head forward in order he swallows me wholly. Progressively, again and again, he eats my cock with his mouth. He could even suck me dry that I wouldn't mind. He caresses my length with his fingers, rubs it firmly. His gaze doesn't leave my eyes. He wants to watch my face gasping. « Ranju... » I murmur his name as slutty as possible to make him react. Therefore, he leaves my cock one second to stroke my hair and kiss me. I could die for a kiss from that lovely teaser bastard. His lips are so good with mine. His mouth comes again on my dick, touching it slightly, or else he uses his tongue to lick as if it was his favorite sweet, but actually, it is. When he gulps me again, he sucks me harder, harder and harder. My length hits his throat and I let out a sigh of happiness because of that incredible feeling.

« Ouhhhh... mmm... you can't wait for me to give you your milk, can't you ?
- Ahmmm... definitely ! »

POV Ranju

He's close, I can feel it, that's why I speed up. I still sucks his cocks while one of my hands is fondling his chest. The clothes on it annoys me quite a lot now but I'm more focused on something else. When his climax arrives, I give a peek at his face at the same time. I love to watch it when he's coming, the way whose his face contracts... a lot of things in fact. I stroke his cock a few times while sucking it and the liquid quickly fills my throat. I swallow cheerfully every single drop of it.

« You didn't share with your king ?
- Sorry, I was too thirsty.
- Hmmm... really ? »

He grabs the knife in my head, still panting from his orgasm. « Ahhhh... » He shakes it a little. « Ahhhh... fuck... ahhh... » Wolfya grins. « I notice you're still very sensitive if you touch this thing. »

« How about stripping ? I think it's time to show me your naked body, my boy. »

Without answering, I obey. My white clothes are slowly opened, making visible my well-formed body for the eyes of my lord. He purrs in pleasure from the view in front of him.

« Take my seat. » I didn't see that coming. « Seriously ? But it's your... » He didn't let me finish. « Shut up and sit down on my seat !!! I just want you to fuck me on it. Afterwards, each time I'd sit on the same seat, I could remind me what we did here. Isn't that a wonderful idea ? » I can't agree more but instead of answering, I just take his seat as he asked me to. He joins me and straddles me this time. He tickles my skin, making me whimpering his name in a long groan.

« Do you want me to ride your shaft ?
- Yes, I do.
- You won't do anything unless I allow you to.
- Yes, if it's what you wish, I'll do it. »

He strokes my forehead with a smile whispering a tiny « Good boy. » before nibbling my torso. He lets his mark a bit everywhere. He loves doing that. Once he's done with that, he kisses me roughly, plunging his tongue in my mouth. He bites my lips when he breaks the kiss for air. We look at each other, panting a lot. My hands are still, as I was called for. A naughty smile came on the face of my saucy king. I'm lost in the prettiness of his eyes, red like the blood, that liquid flowing inside our body. That's the reason why, when he scratchs me to make me blood, it shows how much he loves me. It's so thoughful from him.

Wolfya takes off the fur he wears, only his shirt left. I think I could drool from the view. However he hates this silly thing, it's too childish. My cocks twitches badly when he rips off the only clothing covering his body. I'm now face to face with him, my beautiful lord, naked, straddling me, a little wet with sweat.

POV Wolfya

I drop his pants on his feet, his length leaned against my cheeks. The hotness in my body is unbearable. I need to release it. I rub my ass against his dick, embracing his body, my fingers on his back. I graze him while moving and his voice becomes huskier and huskier. He wants to touch me, he wants to put his dick inside of me and bang me my brains out. I understand his secret desires without him telling me. I hold his member, caressing it just a little, and I impale myself on it. We both growl.

« Fuck, you're so tight my king. I guess it makes a long time since the last time.
- Shut up, you... just fuck me... »

POV Ranju

It's a test. He wants to know if I can hold back enough not to go against his wish. He said me not to move, I won't move. Therefore, I just look at his face, lustful, ogling his bare-chested. Pleased, my lord kisses me and begins to move. Fuck... it made indeed a long time for me too since the last time we did it. I was longing for doing it again. My length plunged in his insides. The necklaces that Wolfya wears are bouncing on the same rythm as his moves. We're sweating, panting, shouting each other's names... He scratches hardly my back with his nails and I moan some nice words in his ears. He nibbles my neck and I feel his tongue wandering on it.

« You can move now... if you want to... »

It was only a whisper but he didn't have to tell me twice. I took his by the waist and pushed him on the table, and I thrust him fully, filling his cheeks with my dick. I link my hands with the ones of my lord and push myself forward to make him see stars. You can hear the noise of my skin slamming against his skin. My bollocks are pressed against his ass. His breath comes on my face, and my breath comes on his face. He barks like a dog in pain, but it's an enjoyable suffering for him. I kiss him sweetly to get him a little more at ease and he presses strongly on our fingers intertwined.

« Harder... go the fuck harder... »

In that case, I'll go harder. I thrust into him in one strong push, then I do it again, again, several times. I don't stop until I can hear him yelling in pleasure. I just want to screw him roughly. I press my hands on his shoulders to have a better balance and the groan he did told me I did right. I bend my head against his ear. I like to be pervert in my words as much as him.

« You like that, don't you ? You like seeing my shaft engulfed in your tight hole.
- So... fuck... yes... »

My king pushes my ass forward so that I go harder and harder, he's voracious.

« Ah... shit... ah... ah... I'm gonna come... » He strokes my face with a saucy smile. « Go ahead, come for me baby, fill me with your seed. »

I come with his name on my mouth and I let my body fall on him. He snuggles on my chest, panting as much as me.

« You weren't... you weren't too bad... » I fondle him with my hands to show him I'm moved out of his words.

« So... dear ?
- Well... I guess sometimes a trick isn't so bad. »

Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru

There are slight spoilers about the drama. The narrator of the story is « Ju » (Matsumoto Jun). Only the ones who saw the whole drama can know that. He makes a cameo in the last episode. Since we don't know many things about his character even his name, I picked up « Ju », because call him by his real name wouldn't be credible. ^.^

Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru

Our prince, Kaibutsu-kun, he has his owns manners, for example, he calls me everytime by my first name, « Ju » forgetting to add a honorific. He's still a little childish despite his long trip. Actually, be frank, I find he has remained childish no matter what he went through. The experiment in the human world was useful, obviously. Every member of the monster realm could tell it. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough and besides, nothing will be enough to turn the prince into a perfect prince. I had understood that, and since a long time. However, I didn't have any grief against him. I love to be his servitor. My lord traveled a bit everywhere in the human world. I admire him a lot for that. And progressively with the time, the idea began to form into my mind. I wanted to visit that new world too. It would be so enjoyable to discover new things. At first, I will have to ask an authorisation to the King.

It takes me a while, several weeks to have the courage to see him. Currently, I'm in front of the door of the throne room. I'm nervous, pretty much nervous. But I have no reason to be in such a state. I haven't ever been unpleasant in any way during my whole life to the service of the royal family. I take a deep breath before knocking to the door.

« My lord, may I come in ? »

After a few seconds, the doors open by themselves. I walk until I'm in front of the King. I kneel next to him before speaking.

« My lord, I have a request.

- Yes, I'm listening, Ju.

- I would like to visit the human realm too.

- Oh, I'm surprised to hear that. And may I know why ? »

I raise the head to look at him in the eyes, without shaking.

« I'm curious. I'm longing to discover new things, a new world. The prince had the chance to do that. He went back changed, a new man. Without exaggerating, I don't think I need to change. However, I want to learn. And my discoveries could be useful for the prince or for the monster realm. I would be delighted to be able to visit... »

The king taps his stick on the ground.

« Enough ! »

It's firm, not rough and I don't dare to say a word anymore. I bend the head not to see him. The king laughs nicely and I don't understand why. Is my request so ridiculous ? I don't know what to do so I don't move an inch. Without saying anything, the king tilts and strokes my hair.

« Good boy. You're so young, not as much as my son but young anyway. Kids need to travel since the travels broad the mind. Furthermore, you and your family have always been respectable towards me and my son. Therefore... I can't say no to your request, but before, stand up ! »

I obey right away, very happy.

« Do you want do something before leaving ? Do you want to go alone to the human world ? »

I think a while about the King's words.

« No, my friends and family knew already about my dream and my coming here. Also, I want to do that trip alone. »

The king smiles and moves his stick in circle.

« Fine ! Have a good trip but don't forget you'll have only four month.

- Thank you very much ! »

I make a big bow to thank him, I feel then a strange sensation around me and everything turns black.

Now, my trip can finally begin.

[center]*~*~*~*~* [/center]

« I'm done with my story, so... glad ? Still, I don't think it was very entertaining.

- Don't say that please. »

Bem was sitting on a chair, not very far from Jun who was laying on a bed, his head on the pillow, looking at his lover. He was emotionless, or rather, not quite. Bem was just not used to showing honestly his emotions, that's all. And he didn't know every emotions he could show too. Ju was accustomed to that, and he was able to read through that empty face. It wasn't easy, not everytime.

Ju smiled to him.

« Sorry, I was only realistic.

- Maybe, but your story was very interesting. I wanted to know how you had arrived into that world.

- In that case, are you satisfied ?

- Quite. »

Bem showed a smug. It made the other monster happy.

« Frankly, I don't believe it... even now. Sorry... could you tell me that again... »

Jun got up and sat on the bed, still looking at his lover, both were serious.

« Don't you believe me ?

- It's not that... you know it.

- I can't guess if you don't tell what's wrong.

- Ju... »

Bem stood up and walked toward the exit. He was ready to go out, however, once he was a front of the door, he stayed still. Ju talked often like that with him. It was the only way to help Bem to open more to the others. It was necessary to be a little rough with him sometimes. Of course, Ju loved him, but on top of that all, he wanted his beloved's happiness. Therefore, he had to help him to open more his heart.

« Alright... I'm... I'm scared... we lived so much time in that world, aimlessly, except to help humans in danger. I don't know if I'm ready... to another life... in another world... with other people although they're like me.

- Bem... don't worry, I'll be here, I'll always be here. »

Ju was now standing behind the other monster.

« You say everytime all these things... It's so easy to believe them. It's pretty frightening.

- Well, you're right about that. Just think of that as a chance to have a new life. And don't forget one thing, since you and your friends are particular, the King will be nice with you. After a while, if you feel uneasy to live in the Kaibutsu world, you will be free to leave. However, after that, you won't have any other chance to live there again. »

Bem sighed. Everything seemed perfect, too perfect. But Bero and Bera had already accepted. He couldn't force them to rest in the human world just because he was hesitating. Moreover, he couldn't imagine a life alone on the run in the human world. It would be hell. Ju was really a ray of hope, not just because of his proposition for them to live in the monsters kingdom, but mainly for him. After Berra and Bem, he had discovered that strange feeling called love.

« Bem... »

Ju touched his arm lightly.

« May I ? »

As an answer, Bem took his hat and threw him in the room. He also unknotted his hair, dropping them until his neck.

« So beautiful. »

Ju took his hand and led him in the shower. It was always like that. Bem let him acting, but he was fine with that. He wasn't used to be demonstrative. Along their way, Ju took off his clothes, and Bem did the same thing mechanically. In fact, he was breathing loudly. He didn't know many things about emotions, or stuff to do with someone with who you have taken a deep shine.

Ju had learnt him these things over and over and it was... pretty enjoyable. However, he never knew how to behave properly not to disappoint him, his... lover. Ju didn't seem to be bothered at all by his lack in that ground. He just told him one thing he couldn't forget : « Behave according to emotions you feel because you have some, even though you don't know them. ». Currently, he felt he needed him, he needed the body's warm of Ju.

They were both naked in the booth shower. They were quickly dripping with water while kissing. By coming into this world, Ju didn't expect to fall in love. He never had someone so precious to him, it was truly delightful. He was eating his mouth while pressing their body together. Bem's body wasn't hot, same as him since they were monsters, nevertheless, it wasn't disturbing. The heat of the water, their bodies stuck, it was enough. Ju broke the kiss and as always, stroked slightly the grey who was in front of him. He had never seen such beautiful hair in his whole life as a monster. He smelt their scent a few seconds.

« Why do you always do that ?

- Well... because it's nice.

- … I see. »

Ju smiled before attacking his neck. He nibbled him several times and licked him from up to down. Bem reacted in a very shy way, he was moaning, but with a very low voice. During their first time together, Ju had discovered he didn't know how to express properly in that way too. In fact, Bem didn't know many things. However, since Bem himself didn't know himself what he didn't know, Ju made discoveries after discoveries and it made him very happy. He tried to learn him how to let his voice go high, not keeping it down, but the lacks aren't so easy to correct. Sometimes, Bem just acted as his mind said him to act. Kissing him again, Ju whispered him some words.

« Don't retain your voice, I beg you, you have such a wonderful voice. I want to hear you moan when I touch you.

- Ah, I'm sorry. »

Bem seemed to think he had ruined the mood. Ju didn't want him to get him wrong.

« Don't be sweetheart, you have no reason. I'm here to learn you what you don't know. I love you. »

They didn't move. The water was still flowing. They were soaked, the water falling along their hair and their bodies. Bem did the first step, he stroked the cheek of the other monster with his fingertips before telling him something in an almost desperate voice.

« I love you too. »

Nothing could make Ju happier than that. A deep and lustful look in the eyes, he kissed nicely his lover during a while without moving. Once he stepped aside, he grabbed their both cocks in his hands, then he rubbed them. Bem didn't dare to look at Ju in the eyes, actually, he was looking downside. With the moves of hands of his lover, he felt his dick against his. He could feel his yearning for him. After all, he was also in the same state. Ju had learnt to him it showed how much he loved him. Littles moans escaped from Ju's mouth. When Bem looked at his gaze, he was completly lost into it. The other monster was blushing, his expression remained lustful, so much lustful. He didn't understand why, but he didn't want to lose that, he wanted to keep it forever. He grabbed Ju's dick while his hand remained on his. Seeing that movement, Ju wheezed hoarsely.

« Your hand... is... your hand is good, Ju.

- Yours... too. »

Bem came closer and leaned his head on one of the shoulders of the other monster. None of them stopped their mutual rub. This time, Ju'ears could be satisfied. Bem let his voice go higher and higher for the biggest pleasure of his lover.

« Damn it. »

Ju whispered that word to himself. If he hadn't at least a bit of self-control, he could fuck him senseless right now. Furthemore, being both monsters it wouldn't be a problem for any of them. He could screw him the whole night he would be still longing for him.

Still, he had almost lost Bem once... but it was past. Now, he was craving to eat literally the body who was moving on his.

« Stop, Bem. »

He obeyed right away. The first time he said that to him after he tried to do something to please him, he thought he wasn't enough good to continue. It made Ju laugh and he had quickly reassured him telling it was fucking perfect. However, he didn't want to come for now. The climax for him was only when he was connected to his beloved monster. Nonetheless, he won't shag him for the moment, he reserved him another thing.

« Turn to the wall. »

Once Bem had his face against the wall, Ju embraced him with one arm and began to rub his member against his cheeks. He wanted to show him how much he desired him, his body, his spirit... his heart, basically, everything. Since they were going to live together in his world, he will have eternity to prove him that over and over.

« I love you, I love you so much. Tell me, tell me you'll leave with me ! Bem... I love you so much. »

He didn't want to seem sappy. It was only the truth. Bem didn't answer right away, instead, he bent his body in the back, falling lighly in the arms of his lover, who crossed them around his waist.

Snuggling together, the feeling of his shaft still on his cheeks, Ju was moving it slower.

« How can I leave you alone ? I... I, I... »

He wasn't able to tell another thing since Ju threw himself on his lips. The kiss was rough, as if he gave everything he had in it. Now, both of them breathed in a husky voice, along with the kiss and also after breaking it. They didn't act lovey-dovey, it was just heartfelt words. The moans of the two men mixed with the water of the shower made a strange mix.

Bem was feeling so much fine in these arms on his body. He let himself overwhelmed by this enjoyable feeling. He didn't want to go back to his previous life of eternal wandering. He couldn't bear it. However, to change drastically his way of life was an important decision. He had finally really accepted but he couldn't help to question himself sometimes. But, who was it to prevent Bero, Bera and also himself to access to what they were searching for since forever ?

Ju felt his lover respond him by fondling shyly his body with some moves of hand. He smiled and moved his hands on his torso. He yearned so much for him it was almost painful, but in a good way.

He felt Bem's heartbeat against his hand. He took his hand and put it on his chest in order he feels also his throbs. He felt the breath of his beloved monster on his face when he murmured his name after turning briefly his head to look at him. He could come just by seeing that look which was as lustful as his. Bem was craving for more, same as him, it was obvious. The mere rubs on his cheeks weren't enought anymore. However, Bem didn't know how to say it since he wasn't familiar with these things.

Ju turned his lover to have him in front of him and stucked his forehead on his. They knew each other for quite a while but even now Ju saw his beloved monster in the same way as during their first meeting, a few months ago...

« Me neither, my first impression of you hasn't changed even today. »

Bem saw his lover smiling, it was odd but he was often able to read his mind. It was so since their first meeting. Bem kissed him then stroked his cheek.

« I haven't forgotten anything of that day. »


As usual, Bem, Bero and Bere were on a trip. They were accustomed to that kind of life since their birth. They couldn't become humans so they were condemned to an eternal wandering. When they were seen in their monster form, they had to leave, it was always like that, over and over... Bem showed anything on his face but was thinking everytime. Sometimes, he went alone to a place to think, to visit, to question himself, for many things in fact.

The night where they met, Bem was walking aimlessly along the street. And after a while, they saw each other. When their gaze met, they knew instantly the other one was a monster. However, they didn't move to each other, they continued to walk. Bem was sure the other monster wasn't dangerous, he felt it. But another monster existed, they weren't alone anymore. He wanted to understand why and how. After a while, he knew the other monster was following him. Once they were in a park, Bem sat a on a bench, after a moment, the other guy imitated him.

Setsunasa ga ari no you ni chikuchiku mune wo sasu yoi no machi.

A painful sadness prickes my heart in this dark night.

Bem was hesitating. It was so strange to see another monster on the earth. Who was he ? Where did he come from ? How did he get here ? And mainly... was he in the same case as them... or not ? His new companion broke the silence.

« What's your name ?

- … Bem. And you ?

- Ju. So, Bem, I haven't ever seen you in my world. Where do you come from ?

- You... where do you come from ?

- Sorry, but I asked first. »

Tsuyogari na egao dake ga tabidatsu boku no se wo sasaete kureteru.

Only the smile you offer me while trying to be strong allows me to go on.

« I'm not used to talking about me.

- There's a first time for everything. »

Bem smiled shyly, he was pretty embarrassed by the straightforwardness of his friend.

« I come from nowhere, someone created me and my friends.

- You don't live alone ?

- No, there are just the three of us, Bero, a child, and Bera, a woman. Now, could you tell me more things about you... please.

- No problem. I come from another world, the monster world.

- Really ?! »

Omoi wa bukiyou ni dokomademo massugu de.

My feelings were awkward to the bitter end.

Lots ideas quickly crossed Bem's mind but he didn't know what to ask first.

« I could tell you many other things later if you want. »

Ju had added that sentence, noticing his interested look and so afterwards, they met many times.

Yawaraka na kimi no kokoro wa, mabushii hodo sumikitte ita.

Your gentle heart was so quiet it was dazzling.

They learnt to know each other. Each of them talked about his own life, his own world. Bem should have asked him right away about the way whose him and his two friends could go to that world with him. He knew it. Even Bera told him to ask him quickly, after discovering his existence. Yet, the words didn't want to get out from his mouth even though they could talk together for hours. It was a strange feeling. Normally, he felt only that with Natsume-san and his family and his friends.

Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru tamerau koto naku te wo nobasunda.

There's happiness waiting for you, so don't be scared and stretch your hands.

Weeks passed. Bem and Ju were still continuing their little meeting. They talked about everything and anything. Sometimes it was with Bero and Bera. They had liked him pretty easily, even Bera had found him nice. Later, during another one of their meeting, he had finally talked very frankly. He wanted to get rid of this burden he dragged with him for so much time. He didn't hide himself under his stoic face anymore.

« We don't deserve a happy life. It's not for us.

- Rubbish, why wouldn't you deserve it ? I'm just like you and right now I can tell you, I'm the happiest man in the world. »

Toozakaru boku wo wasuretemo ii mirai dake wo mite arukidasunda.

You can forget me while I'm disappearing far away, keep your eyes fixed on the future and walk on.

As promised to the King, the four months passed, he had to leave the human world. He didn't come to what was supposed to be their last meeting. He left Bem without telling him he had to go back to his world, he felt a bit lost but he knew what he had to do once he will be in front of the King.

« Hello Ju. Did you have a good trip ?

- Quite your majesty. Mmmm... excuse me but... I have a request.

- What is it ?

- My lord, I would like to bring back some people with me to the monster world. Someone created them and since the day of their birth, they led a pretty unfortunate life hoping...

- Cut it out ! »

Scared by the king's tone, Ju didn't speak more.

« We can't accept unknown people in our world. It could be dangerous.

- In that case...

- In that case ? What ? You would stay with him ? You can if you want except it would have a price. If you want to stay longer in the human world, you won't be able to come back in the kaibutsu world anymore. »

I love you, hitori ja nai, bokura wa tsunagatte iru.

I love you, you're not alone, we're always connected.

Ju was bewildered. He had a stair in front of him. Either he came back to his world to meet again his family and friends but didn't see Bem anymore, either he gave up all of his previous life to see Bem again. A tremendous choice with heavy consequences.

Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru tamerau koto naku te wo nobasunda.

There's happiness waiting for you, so don't be scared and reach out your hands.

« I... I... I made up my mind.

- And so ?

- I don't want to leave Bem alone, nor now, nor never. I love him. »

It was as simple as that. He didn't realize it before whereas it was obvious.

« Good answer !

- I beg your pardon ?! »

Toozakaru boku wo wasuretemo ii mirai dake wo mite arukidasunda.

You can forget me while I'm disappearing far away, keep your eyes fixed on the future and walk on.

« It was a test. I wanted to be sure of the sincerity of your feelings. I couldn't accept him if you weren't serious about him. It will be difficult for him and his friends to live here, and now I'm certain you will be helpful to them.

- Uh... ohhhh... woah... well, thank you very much. »

He made a big bow to the King, very glad and moved by his gentleness.

« You can go to see him again. Don't worry, you could come back here again when you feel ready.

- Thanks again. »

Matataki hajimeta ikusen no hoshi sono shita de bokura wa tomo ni ikiteru.

We're both living together under the same thousand sparkling stars.

Once he was back to the human world, he headed to the customary place of their meeting, the park. It was the dead of night, with a starry sky, there was no reason for Bem to still be here at this hour, and yet...

« What are you doing here ?

- I was waiting for you... as always.

- For so long ? Moreover, it's raining you know.

- I'm used to the rain and the weather, it is pretty tonight. »

Chiisana hitomi no mukou ni...

Where I'm going, your eyes won't see me...

Ju joined him on the bench. None of them knew what to say but they were glad to see each other again.

« I'm happy you're back.

- I came back for you. »

It was quite awkward for Bem, how was he supposed to react ?

Kakikesarete iku kimi no koe...

I can't hear your voice anymore...

« Thank you.

- You don't deserve it, Bem... that kind of unfortunate life. I can offer you a better one. »

Ju was searching for his words, it was odd to see him looking embarrassed since it was mainly Bem who acted like that most of time.

« Would you live... »

He took a deep breath before telling properly his sentence.

« Would you want to leave your life of wandering to live with me, in my world ? »

He was looking on the left and on the right, confused.

« Of course... Bero and Bera can come with us. »

Bem approached slowly his face to his and kissed him for the first time. Ju thought he was losing his marbles. In fact, he waited so long for something like that to happen. He hadn't ever dared to try something before. Bem let Ju lead everything since he wasn't accustomed to that. The kiss became deep and nobody wanted to break it. He could have lasted a long time but progressively, a simple contact of lips wasn't enough anymore. Ju slid his hands under his clothes and grabbed his butt to stick his body tighter against his so that to deepen the kiss. Between some kisses, they spoke.

« I would like to do more than kissing.

- I don't understand.

- Oh, excuse me. I forgot you are not familiar with certain things.

- If... if it's you, I don't mind to learn these « certain things ».

From that time, their relationship wasn't the same anymore though both of them didn't seem to be bothered at all by that fact. They continued to meet again several times during a few weeks.

Sometimes, they didn't do anything except speaking, other times, they touched each other a little, they kissed, or even slept together again. Bem wasn't sure mates existed for monsters, but he found that the bond between and Ju was pretty similar to that. And when he talked to Ju about that, he said he thought the same thing.

End POV Bem

They were now on the bed. Bem was laying on it while Ju was touching his arms. He loved the kind of scales he had. It was very attractive. He couldn't understand how human could find that ugly. He kissed his torso everywhere, licked with pleasure his skin. He went around his body, stroked his hair and nipped his nipples. When he pressed his lips on his face, Bem bit his big ear.

« Ammmmmhh... Brat !

- Still, you like that.

- Yes, that's right. »

Both of them smirked happily.

« Do that again. I love when you're eager. »

They snuggled against each other and mixed their bodies together. Again, they were connected in that night, the last one they passed in the human world.

[center]*~*~*~*~* [/center]

In the kaibutsu world, the King was smiling kindly looking at Ju. Jijiya, next to him, smiled too.

« Why did you give him four months ? »

The king smiled and laughed loudly.

« My son and his friends, they were four, Bem and his friends, with Ju, they are four too. I found the idea funny, that's why, I gave him four month.

- And so, it's a happy ending, right ?

- Don't be stupid ! The real challenge will begin when they return. His lover and his friends will need to adapt to a new world, new living conditions... but mainly, they will have to be acknowledged by the people of our kingdom. All of these things won't be easy... not easy at all. If he truly loves him, and I'm sure it's the case, Ju will help him and his friends to the bitter end.

- You're right.

- Ju deserves his happiness, his lover too. He led such a sad life all these centuries. He probably thought that him and his two friends would led that kind of life forever. I wanted to help that lad. And the longing of Ju to travel into that world... it was really fate. I understood right away that he was the perfect person for Bem. Now, they're happy together. That young boy has learnt something thanks to Ju.

- What is it, my lord ?

- There's always happiness waiting for you. »